An open letter to Kris Vallotton, Bill Johnson and the Bethel church leadership

This is not meant to be a critical letter. But it contains serious questions.

Let me start off by admitting that you are anointed true disciples of Jesus Christ and even though there are plenty that don’t understand the ways of the Spirit and judge what they don’t know from the flesh, that is not my intention here to speak ill of the anointing on your lives and ministry.

My problem or concern is that you appear like having your heads in the sand while all hell is breaking loose, and instead of joining the battle of exposing the incredible web of darkness, you appear to hide behind an emphasis on the goodness of a God that seems to blind you to the realities of the war we are in. It may be that my perception are cluttered by my immaturity, because I do admit I am not yet as developed spiritually as you are, yet I am unable to understand your position.

Let me start:

Globalist Agenda

There is a Globalist Agenda. See Link.  They already control the media, Politics, etc. Their history and evil plans goes far back.

They run the US and the World.

In the document Silent weapons of quiet wars their plans are made known for all to see, for many years now. The intentional dumbing down of society have been going on for years in order to create a people that cannot think for themselves and simply swallow the propaganda they are fed.

They have progressed so far that now we have Geoengineering, interfering with weather patterns and destroying our natural environment.

Chemtrail also contains nano fibers that all people on the earth is said to have inhaled, which is all part of the BioAPI phase 1 and 2 mind control program. See also MKULTRA and Monarch trauma based mind control used on innocent children.

It is scary stuff! Alongside this is the Jade 2 AI software.

It is not something for one day. It is already here! And the Communitarianism ideology that the UN impose through Agenda 21 fits like a glove to rid of those that goes against this Global New World order plan.

Even Microsoft will now be spying on us through Windows 10.

Evil experiments have been done at the expense of mankind.

On the other side we also have the shocking reality of the creation of dark matter through CERN. They even want to remove the veil.

Jesus is weeping because of this.

He sent warnings of Judgment to come through prophets such as TD Hales, John Paul Jackson and David Wilkerson.

NASA is also controlled and lies to us,  Nibiru is close. Judgment is a blessing if it would rid the world of its shameful evils. We need the world’s order  to be shaken so God’s order can come.

Will you please join this good fight! Time is running out. Terrorism is being redefined, and the US Dollar will soon collapse. I have concern that many of God’s people will not be prepared and will be caught off guard.

Y Erasmus